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  • location Innovadent Dental Clinic
  • 3 Limeharbour
  • London
  • E14 9LS
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Price list

Please note that every tooth and clinical situation can differ, and your fees may vary based on your specific needs. Your dentist will inform you of your specific treatment price before you commit to any treatment.

Examination / Emergencies

New Patient Exam
(Includes a full mouth assessment, treatment planning, oral cancer screening, X-rays, 3D scans and photographs if needed)
Routine Exam
(Includes assessment, x-rays, required tests and diagnosis)
Emergency treatments
Small Digital X-ray
OPG X-ray
CBCT Scan (3D X-ray)
Skin and facial treatment consultation

Hygienist appointments

60 minute appointment (For new patients)
45 minute appointment (if prescribed by a dentist)
Hygiene whitening package
Includes a 60 minute hygiene cleaning, airflow stain removal and professional teeth whitening treatment

General and Cosmetic Dentistry

£200 - £350
(All of our fillings are tooth coloured composite fillings)
from £200
Soft tissue lesions/cyst removal
from £595
from £250 per tooth
from £395 per tooth
from £950 per tooth
from £950 per unit
from £950 per tooth
£550 - £850
Root Canal Re-Treatment
£850 - £1950

Teeth Whitening

Includes whitening trays and 3 weeks supply of whitening gels
In-surgery whitening
Includes a 90 minute in surgery whitening session as well as whitening trays and home whitening top-ups
1 syringe of whitening gel for top-ups (requires dentist's prescription)
Inside-out whitening of a single dead tooth
Replacement whitening trays
£150 per arch

Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign treatment includes Includes free whitening, removable retainers and minor edge bonding
Fixed braces treatment is carried our by our consultant orthodontist
Removable Essix retainers
£150 per arch
Fixed Retainers
£250 per arch
Removable Vivera retainers (3 retainers)
£595 per arch

Dental Implants

Implant consultation
CBCT scan
from £1300
Single Implant crown
from £1200
Implant retained denture (2 implants and a denture)
from £5000
Implant retained denture (4 implants and a bar)
from £8000
Bone graft
from £450
Sinus lift
from £550

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding consultation
from £250 per tooth
from £395 per tooth
Full smile composite bonding upper 8 teeth
from £1500
Full smile composite bonding upper 10 teeth
from £1700
Upper and lower 16 teeth
from £2995
Upper and lower 20 teeth
from £3295

Periodontal (gum) Treatment

Non-surgical management of gum disease
£595 - £895
Crown Lengthening (gum contouring)
from £450


Children's Dentistry

Child exam (under 12 years old)
Teen exam (12-17 years old)
Child hygiene (under 12 years old)
Teen hygiene (12-17 years old)
Fillings for baby teeth
from £95

Skin and Facial Treatments

We offer a full range of medical skin and facial treatments in our beauty rooms
Skin and Facial Consultations
One area (15mins)
Two areas (15mins)
Three areas (20mins)
Four areas (30mins)
Five areas (30mins)
Additional area
Masseters/Nefrititi neck (20mins)
Gummy smile (15mins)
Lip Flip (15mins)
Reviews (includes top-ups if needed)
Lips 1ml (30mins)
Tear trough 1ml (45mins)
Face filler 1ml (30mins)
Face filler 2ml (45mins)
Face filler 4ml (60mins)
Face filler 6ml (75mins)
Face filler 8ml (90mins)
Deep cleansing facial (60mins)
£90 per session
Deep cleansing with LED (90mins)
£110 per session
Deep cleansing with Peels aftercare treatment
£113 per session
LED light therapy facial (45mins)
£80 per session
Radiofrequency facial (45mins)
£85 per session
Microcurrent facial (45mins)
£90 per session
HydraFacial (45mins)
£115 per session
HydraFacial Deluxe LED (60mins)
£125 per session
Microneedling facial (60mins)
£110 per session
Microneedling facial with LED
£150 per session
Hydraglow (45mins)
£120 per session
Hydraglow with LED
£150 per session
The Gold Plate facial (60mins)
£120 per session
The Deluxe Man facial (45mins)
£80 per session
The InnovaSkin Pamper package (90 mins)
£250 per session
Pro Power Peel (35mins)
£80 per session
Pro Power Peel (60mins)
£120 per session
Pro Power Peel with Pro Power Eye Peel (60mins)
£140 per session
Pro Power Peel Package
£640 per six sessions
Microneedling for Acne Scarring
£290 per session
Microneedling Face Package
£690 per six sessions
Microneedling Face and Neck Package
£1,020 per six sessions
Vitamin IV Drip
£200 per session
Vitamin Shot
£55 per shot
Single treatment
£250 per session or £700 per three sessions

Laser Hair Removal

1/2 leg, bikini line & underarms
Full back
Full legs, brazilian & full arms
Bikini line
Full body


Lymphatic drainage massage (45mins)
£100 per session
Body Sculpting (cavitation) (15mins)
£180 per session or £575 per four sessions

Current Offers

Hygiene and whitening package – £395 total price for hygiene cleaning, home whitening and free lifetime top-ups (£595 for in-chair) see details.

Refer 3 patients to us and receive a free hygiene appointment

Refer 5 patients for free whitening

Refer 10 patients for free composite bonding (Limitations apply)

Deposit Policy

We respectfully request that our valued clients provide a £40 refundable deposit for scheduling appointments with us. This deposit will be credited towards the cost of your treatment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, the deposit will be promptly refunded, provided we receive notification at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Spread the cost of your dental treatment

In most cases, if your treatment plan requires multiple appointments, you can spread the cost of the treatment across the appointments.

Pay over 12 months with 0% Finance

For treatment plans over £500, we offer the option to pay 12 equal monthly instalments with 0% interest alongside our finance partner Tabeo. Our reception team will be able to help with your application.

Paying with Insurance

We accept all dental insurance policies. When paying with insurance, you will need to pay for your treatment at the clinic and claim the cost back from your insurance provider. Usually, they will send you a form to give to us so we can let them know what treatment was carried out and the cost of each item of treatment. If you have any questions our team will be able to help.

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  • location Innovadent Dental Clinic
  • 3 Limeharbour
  • London
  • E14 9LS
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