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Is Composite Bonding the Best Way to Restore Unattractive Teeth? 

28th June 2022

Here at Innovadent Dental Clinic, we love composite bonding. Not only is it an incredibly straightforward treatment to perform, it produces fantastic, authentic results for our patients’ smiles.

Issues ranging from chips and cracks, to small gaps and discolouration can be reversed with composite bonding. Today, we’re discussing if it’s the best choice for restoring cosmetically compromised teeth/unattractive, and whether there are other paths you can go down in order to achieve this.

Lady holds hands up to her face in a heart shape. She has white and healthy teeth

Firstly, what’s composite bonding?

Composite bonding uses layers of composite resin to recreate the appearance of a real tooth. The layers of resin can be applied to teeth that have chipped, fractured, become discoloured, or where there are small gaps present.

Over the past decade, cosmetic bonding has soared in popularity. In an era where people are looking for the swiftest and most straightforward methods to improve their appearance, it’s no wonder a treatment like composite bonding stands out.

Am I suitable for composite bonding?

Provided you have healthy teeth (i.e. teeth that aren’t suffering from advanced decay or advanced gum disease), we should be able to perform composite bonding. As your dental health is our priority, we won’t ever carry out cosmetic dental treatment until there is a healthy oral health foundation laid down.

Candidates for cosmetic bonding should also be aware that if they would like restorative dentistry such as dental implants treatment, this will be performed in advance of cosmetic bonding.

When you come in to see us for your initial consultation and we establish that you require multiple procedures, we will carefully map out the order in which each treatment takes place, and explain what each stage of treatment entails.

What other options do I have, besides composite bonding?

The other option patients have for repairing cosmetic issues with their teeth like cracks, chips, gaps and discolouration is veneers treatment.

Veneers have glamorous beginnings; they were originally used to repair the smiles of actors in Hollywood.

Today, an extremely strong adhesive is used to secure the veneer over your tooth, so they’re highly durable.

The porcelain material from which they’re made is extremely adept at replicating the appearance of real tooth enamel. As a means of restoring the aesthetic of an affected tooth, veneers are unrivalled. With good care, they can last over 10 years and they’re highly stain-resistant.

However, they’re not for everyone.

As composite bonding is a gentler process, you may wish to opt for this, before graduating to veneers a few years down the line; composite bonding is a great stepping stone for patients who aren’t quite ready for porcelain veneers.

What are the main advantages of composite bonding?

There are so many fantastic advantages to be reaped by choosing to have composite bonding. Here are some of the most notable:

Smile confidently again: have you been putting your hand in front of your face when you smile? Or maybe you’ve been saying ‘’no!’’ to being in photos with your friends or family? These are common everyday things that people tend to avoid when they have a tooth that’s aesthetically compromised. Once your tooth has been fixed, it will no longer hold you back. You’ll be able to smile, laugh, kiss and eat, without the worry that people might notice your tooth for the wrong reasons.

Minimally invasive technique: as we’ve already discussed, veneers treatment can take its toll on your natural tooth structure. As the composite resin used for composite bonding is layered and shaped to the affected tooth, there’s no need to etch your tooth down to a thinner size. This is only necessary in the case of veneers, as they go over the front surface of natural tooth.

Authentic results: composite bonding isn’t as effective as porcelain veneers at recreating the appearance of a tooth, but it still yields fantastic aesthetic results. The composite resin is matched to your tooth shade, so it will be extremely difficult for others to notice that a section of a tooth isn’t real enamel (they would have to have superhuman vision to do so!)  During the procedure, the composite is carefully layered. This results in a look that resembles the precise translucency of real tooth enamel.

Restore everyday oral functions: when a tooth is damaged, particularly when it is cracked, it can be really unpleasant if your tongue catches on it. This can often happen when you’re eating and speaking; some people even develop a lisp as a result. However, once your tooth has been treated with composite bonding, you’ll no longer have to put up with these issues. Chewing, talking, laughing and smiling will become second nature.

How can I make sure my bonded tooth lasts for many years?

With good care, a tooth that has been treated with composite bonding can last around 5-7 years.

To keep your bonded tooth looking fantastic and healthy, drink plenty of water and brush and floss your teeth after eating tooth staining foods. Hygienist appointments will also help to remove surface stains that accumulate over time.

Make sure you avoid putting any foreign objects in your mouth, such as ice and pencil ends – you’d be amazed at how many people come in and see us because they’ve chipped their bonded tooth this way!

Once your tooth is restored, make sure you remain consistent with your brushing and flossing, and if you enjoy contact sports protect your teeth with a custom-made mouth guard.

Teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding – which comes first?

If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, but you also need to have a tooth repaired with composite bonding or veneers, listen closely. Composite resin cannot be whitened with teeth whitening treatment.

So, you should make sure you have your teeth whitened before composite bonding, so that the resin can be matched to your newly restored tooth.

Read our patient stories

If you’re a new patient and you would like to hear what our existing patients have to say about us, why not take a look at our testimonials page?

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Contact a dentist in Canary Wharf for composite bonding

If you’ve been putting up with an unsightly tooth for a little while, or you’ve recently damaged or cracked a tooth, there’s no need to look up ‘’composite bonding at a dentist near me’’.

Here at Innovadent Dental Clinic, our experienced cosmetic dentists carry out composite bonding for patients who come in from all around London.

Whether you’re coming to us from Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark or London Bridge, we’re here to help.

Contact our friendly reception team here in Canary Wharf to book your composite bonding dentist appointment today.

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