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Teeth Straightening at InnovaDent Dental Clinic

3rd February 2023

Teeth straightening treatment can be a big life-changing event, changing your life for the better. Once upon a time, getting your teeth straightened used to be a chore. Very few options were on offer a few decades ago; the technology and designs and designs of today have changed significantly for the better. Here at Innovadent, we’re thrilled to offer patients two state-of-the-art treatments for straightening teeth. Both treatments are alternative treatment options to braces, using custom aligners to gently guide teeth into a pre-planned position.

The global marketing for clear aligners has grown more than 20% over the last three years, proving just how attractive this method of teeth straightening is.

The treatment options we offer at Innovadent are:

–       Invisalign: the original clear aligner brand.

–       Dr Smile: one of the fastest-growing providers of orthodontic treatment solutions in Europe.

invisalign teeth straightening


Invisalign: What You Should Know

–       Worn for 22 hours a day.

–       Average treatment time of 12-18 months.

–       Can be used for just a short time for minor alignment issues.

–       Can be used to address the most prominent teeth when you smile.

–       A brand committed to green dentistry.

–       Made from BPA-free plastic.

–       The premium teeth straightening brand.

–       Can treat up to 90% of orthodontic cases.

If you have researched teeth straightening treatment, you will undoubtedly come across Invisalign, the most popular teeth straightening brand out there. It was Invisalign’s founders who pioneered the concept of moving teeth, not with a fixed metal brace, but using a series of sequential and removable aligners. As well as being completely removable, the aligners are metal-free, made from smooth and comfortable plastic, and don’t impose any restrictions on your diet, or your normal brushing routine.

The Invisalign aligners are made by taking digital impressions (moulds) of your teeth. Each aligner is changed over at bi-weekly intervals by you; once your teeth have moved into a specific pre-ordained position, the aligners are changed. One of the (many) advantages of clear aligner technology over metal braces, is fewer appointments are needed along the way. You can expect to come in and see us approximately every 8 weeks, as opposed to 6 weeks.


DrSmile: What You Should Know

–       Made from thermoplastic material.

–       A brand committed to green dentistry.

–       Worn for 22 hours a day.

–       Complex misalignment may take longer than 2 years.

–       Average treatment time of 6 to 24 months.  

–       Technologies are developed in Germany (rigorous standards when bringing products to market).

–       Lower cost alternative to Invisalign.  

DrSmile is now part of the highly prestigious Straumann group, which is the most renowned provider of dental implants, along with Nobel Biocare. This status accentuates the high degree of quality that underpins the brand. Their digital and dentist-led approach, coupled with the production expertise and research provided by Straumann, makes for a perfect marriage that will maintain the high standards we know our patients in Canary Wharf expect.

The treatment model is very similar to that offered by the Invisalign brand. We particularly like the questionnaire on their website, which prompts you to answer a series of simple questions (some accompanied by easy-to-interpret illustrations), so that you can work out if you are suitable for treatment. As a practice with a special interest in DrSmile treatment, Innovadent can offer consultation appointments for DrSmile, including a full examination of your teeth, to look into the finer details of your oral health. This will give you a definitive answer regarding whether or not you are 100% suitable for treatment. We will then create a treatment plan to address your exact needs.

You may be thinking ‘this sounds like DrSmile and Invisalign are the same treatment’. However, there are some differences to note.

DrSmile cases are monitored closely using the cutting-edge DrSmile app. Several studies have shown there wasn’t any difference between remote monitoring and in-practice monitoring, though there are patients who find the home monitoring system a challenge. DrSmile is also less equipped at dealing with more complex malocclusion cases – it is rather more suited to mild or moderate cases of spacing, crowding, misalignment and bite problems.

DrSmile vs Invisalign

Suitable for mild problems?Yes Yes
Suitable for mid-level problems?SomeYes
Suitable for complicated problems?No Yes
Price£1,390 – £2,090 full mouth £1,500 – £5,500 full mouth
Treatment timeframe4 – 9 months3 – 18 months
Dental monitoring Remotely via app In-person and remotely via app
Aligner materialClearQuartz™ materialSmartTrack thermoplastic
Appearance Clear, barely visible Clear, barely visible 
Teeth treatedFull mouth Full mouth 

Your Orthodontic Treatment At Innovadent

Both Invisalign and DrSmile involve having a full smile assessment prior to treatment. This assessment will be when you can ask questions, find out the projected treatment time for your unique case, and learn about the full process involved. Please note that each of these treatments requires that you wear a retainer once the process is complete. This is to ensure your teeth don’t move back out of position once they are straight.

Contact Innovadent For Dentist-Supervised Orthodontic Treatment

Whichever treatment you choose to opt for, you will be carefully supervised by our experienced team. We’re extremely fortunate to have the talents of Invisalign Dentist Dr Irina Thilly, who has 35 years of experience. During her career, she has created the beautiful smile each patient has expected and has advanced knowledge of how to treat different types of orthodontic ailments.

Contact us to book yourself in for a teeth straightening consultation today.

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