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Invisalign vs Braces: Which Is Best For You?

15th March 2023

Treatment like teeth straightening, which takes many months to move your teeth, is a commitment worth taking seriously. Treatment with a conventional metal brace can take up to 24 months to re-align your teeth, whilst Invisalign takes approximately 12 to 18 months. If you’re thinking about orthodontic treatment but you haven’t yet considered which option is right for you, read our blog below comparing Invisalign and braces treatment – the pros, the cons, and everything in between.

How do they work?

Firstly, how does each teeth straightening appliance work?


Braces have been around for many years and continue to use the same mechanics to move teeth, even today in 2023! They’re extremely reliable, producing predictable results. They move by applying constant pressure on your teeth and jaws. Brackets adhere to each individual tooth, and a wire is weaved in between each one. Eventually, the membrane that controls the position of your teeth and that is surrounded by the bone that roots teeth to the jaw, reacts to the braces.


Invisalign isn’t actually a single appliance; it’s a series of plastic aligners, changed over bi-weekly at home by you. Invisalign aligners move teeth using a sequence of aligners. Once your teeth move into each pre-mapped position after two weeks, it’s time to switch over to the next aligner in the sequence, which takes over from the previous one. The aligners are easily removed by you at home – they resemble a mouth guard that you might wear for contact sports or a set of teeth whitening trays.

Cost Comparison

Invisalign aligners and fixed braces differ in price depending on the dental practice you visit. Here at Innovadent, we offer Invisalign treatment from £3950 for Invisalign Lite cases, which requires treatment for 6 to 9 months, and £4950 for more complex and lengthy cases. To see a full list of our fees, please click here.

The benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has treated over 9 million patients, so it’s no surprise that there are many unique benefits. Some of these include:

Good Oral Hygiene: Invisalign are removable aligners, which means patients can freely brush, without having to worry about metal components getting in the way. Not only does this make brushing and flossing a lot less hassle, it makes reaching each of your tooth surfaces easier. This reduces the chance of tooth decay and gum disease, as you will be able to brush and floss normally, without any obstructions.

Invisible appearance: Invisalign has solved the problem for the modern teeth or adult that doesn’t want a conspicuous appliance on their teeth. The BPA-free plastic is totally see through, so it’s almost invisible on your teeth (hence the name of the brand!)

Comfortable: the lack of metal brackets and rubber bands in your mouth makes Invisalign aligners much more comfortable, and easy to get used to from the outset of treatment.

Patient-centric: Invisalign is a flexible type of orthodontic treatment that allows patients to take their aligners out for up to 4 hours a day. These hours can be spread out during a 24 hour period, giving you the opportunity to take them out for eating and brushing. Just remember to rinse your mouth with water and floss before placing them back in.

The disadvantages of Invisalign

It’s hard to find any disadvantages of Invisalign, as it’s proven itself to be such a successful treatment since it came to market in 2000.

We should mention though, that Invisalign does demand a certain degree of discipline from patients. Forgetting to wear them for the 20-22 hour a day period could compromise the treatment. We may recommend fixed braces if you think you might not have the self-regulation to do this.

Whilst Invisalign is suitable for virtually any orthodontic concern, highly complex cases where a significant amount of movement is needed may be better-suited to the mechanisms of traditional fixed braces.

The benefits of Braces

There’s no doubt that traditional fixed braces still have a place in the world of orthodontics. Today, their designs have been significantly ungraded: they’re no longer notoriously uncomfortable, and they’re less invasive on the eye! It’s not possible to choose between metal and ceramic braces, the latter of these two blending in well with your natural tooth shade. It’s also possible to fix highly complex cases of crooked teeth, and severely misaligned teeth.

The disadvantages of Braces

Braces might not be the best choice for patients who are already paranoid about the appearance of their teeth. You may find yourself covering your mouth frequently during what can be a lengthy treatment time of 18 months or more. Some patients also find that cleaning their teeth can pose a challenge with fixed braces, which can compromise their oral health and cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Invisalign vs Braces – which is for me?

Hopefully this blog has helped you to understand the characteristics of each teeth straightening appliance and the limitations. Remember that:

Invisalign is:

  • Removable
  • Allows for flexibility and freedom.
  • Looks almost invisible when worn.


  • Can fix any orthodontic concern.
  • Can’t be removed.
  • Can cause some discomfort.

Contact Innovadent For Invisalign Clear Aligners Treatment

Many private dental practices across London are now offering Invisalign treatment. If you’re looking for a practice with an Invisalign dentist, that’s us here at Innovadent. We’re fortunate to have Dr Irina Thilly working with us, who has over 35 years of experience as a general dentist. She has overseen hundreds of successful Invisalign cases, from very simple alignment, to more complex restructuring of teeth. Our Invisalign patients are always extremely satisfied with their newly aligned and beautiful teeth.

Contact us to book your Invisalign consultation, during which we can give you an estimated treatment time, and a full breakdown of the Invisalign costs. We look forward to welcoming you here in Canary Wharf.

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